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My Musical Journey

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About Me

Bernice is a highly talented and dedicated young musician with a passion for exploring the diverse world of music. She currently resides in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada, where she is studying in a secondary school with a Strings Program.

Bernice’s musical journey began at a very young age, starting with the piano, and she has continued to add to her repertoire over the years. She began playing the harp at age 11 and has since gained a reputation for her technical prowess and expressive playing style on multiple instruments.

Concerts and orchestras have always fascinated Bernice, and she has been a valued member of the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra (MSYO) as both a harpist and violinist since 2022. Bernice frequently performs as a soloist and collaborates with other musicians, showcasing her talents as a harpist, violinist, and pianist.

In addition to her orchestral and solo performances, Bernice has also competed in various competitions and has been the recipient of many awards and scholarships from regional and international musical events. She is particularly proud of her status as the national gold medalist for the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Level 2 and 6 harp exams.

Bernice is also committed to giving back to her community and often volunteers her time to perform at long-term care centres.

With her sights set on a career as a professional musician, Bernice is working tirelessly to perfect her musical skills and expand her knowledge of music theory. She hopes to attend a music school in the future and embark on a journey of touring the world through performances, sharing her love of music with audiences everywhere.


Their Words Tell You More About Me

“You are a serious harpist with great focus, and I can tell you are a very good student of the harp and school! (I think!) Your playing is very, very clean and clear, with so much attention to detail. I very much like your performance…”

Nancy Allen

head of the harp department at the Juilliard School

“Beautiful playing and very musical performance! I appreciate all the subtle aspects of your phrasing, dynamics, and timing. Super solid memory and confident execution of your interpretation!”

Grace Browning

Principal Harpist of the RPO (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra) and Santa Fe Opera

“Your dynamic range is very impressive, I love how quiet you are able to get while still hearing each note. Beautifully phrased at the end. Wonderfully played, I very much enjoyed your performance of this well-known Celtic tune, thank you for sharing your music!”

Kristan Toczk

Adjudicator of the 2021 Toronto Kiwanis Festival

My Recent Events

December 16 – 4pm & 7:30pm – MSYO Concert: A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS

The concert performed by the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra (MSYO) will be held December 16 at the Hammerson Hall, Mississauga Living Arts Centre…...

November 12 – 3pm – MSYO Concert: SYMPHONIC BRILLIANCE

The concert performed by the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra (MSYO) was held November 12 at the Hammerson Hall, Mississauga Living Arts Centre...

September 9, 2023 – Lisbon Style Group Wedding

Harp performance for the Lisbon Style Group Wedding at Mississauga Celebration Square on Saturday, September 9, 2023, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm...

25th American Harp Society National Competition (2023) – Final

The 25th National Competition was held May 31- June 4, 2023 at the Colburn School in Los Angeles, California...

May 16, 2023 – 51st MusicFest Canada

The Chamber Strings of the Port Credit Secondary School was awarded Gold Performance in the 51st MusicFest Canada at Niagara Falls on May 16, 2023...

May 12, 2023 – Harp & Violin Performance (volunteer)

Performed in the lobby of The Village of Erin Meadows Long Term Care Residence on May 12, 2023...