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My Music Study

Last Updated: November 23, 2023

Thanks to my music teachers who inspired me not only to love music but to share music with others!

Teresa Suen Campbell,
harp teacher

Dr. Teresa Suen Campbell is a Toronto-based concert harpist and harp teacher who is dedicated to commissioning and performing new works written for the harp. Teresa holds a Doctor of Music degree from Northwestern University. She is a versatile musician who performs solo, chamber, orchestral and operatic repertoire.

Besides performing, Teresa is an enthusiastic educator. She maintains a vibrant studio in Oakville, and her students have won top awards in music festivals and competitions. In her free time, Teresa arranges solo music for the harp, and her journal article is being published by the American Harp Journal.

Vira Burmenko,
violin teacher

Vira Burmenko holds a BFA degree in Violin Performance and an MA degree in Music Composition from York University. Vira is a passionate and talented performer and educator, who is convinced of the healing power of sound, thought and language.

Vira is also an instructor in violin performance, piano and music theory. She composes and arranges music for herself, her colleagues and students. Vira is also continuously and actively engaged in self-improvement, self-realization, in a life altering and channeling the healing energy of the sun, through teachings of a newly discovered practice – Ayat. This teaching offers applied means of healing oneself to all human beings.

Roman Cooperman,
piano teacher

Canada Academy of Music & Arts (CAMA)

Irina Kapran,
music theory teacher

Mississauga School of Music

I would also like to thank Professor Arash Noori, who made me believe in my dream and encouraged me to go for my musical adventure.